International Mortgages

For Buying & Refinancing Property In The UK

International Mortgages

Clifton private finance

We can help source mortgage finance for expats and foreign nationals looking to purchase or refinance UK property.

We are experts in helping UK expats, non domiciles and foreign nationals secure mortgage & short term finance on UK property.

Our service offers:

  • Residential and investment property finance from £250,000 to £25M
  • Market-leading interest rates
  • Terms from 3 months to 30 years
  • Interest-only and interest roll-up options (no monthly payments)
  • Pre-approval terms within 24 hours
  • Finance solutions for clients with complex incomes
  • Property finance for expatriate UK nationals working abroad and investing in the UK, or with families remaining in the UK
  • UK rate options for returning expats
  • Mortgage finance for Britons and foreign nationals working in the UK who are paid in a foreign currency
  • Mortgage finance on UK properties for British citizens working as yacht crew / seafarers)
  • Finance for non UK citizens buying residential or commercial property in the UK

If you have an investment portfolio, other property or pensions, our team can look at leveraging these assets to negotiate more flexible lending criteria and more favourable interest rates on your borrowing.

We have strong relationships with UK and international banks, including private banks and specialist lenders, family offices and wealth managers.

Through our connections we can source finance from UK banks who offer bespoke mortgages and shorter-term finance products which are designed specifically for internationally based clients, with attractive interest rates and flexible loan terms.

See our more detailed content below, and

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Property Finance Deals

UK mortgage for returned Australian resident with complex income
Capital Raised
UK expat mortgage for British doctor resident in Canada buying new-build London home
West London
Capital Raised
Quick completion for a US-dollar client reclassified as non-expat
North London
Capital Raised
BTL remortgage and resi purchase for returning UK expat airline exec
Capital Raised
UK commercial portfolio mortgage for British expat in Canada
Capital Raised
US dollar UK mortgage offer turned into remortgage for renovations when purchase fell through
Capital Raised

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International Mortgage Service For Buying UK Property

Do you want to buy a home or investment property in the UK? Or do you need to refinance a property in Britain that you already own:

Comparing lending deals and mortgage rates on the internet can be very misleading because the finance for UK property you might be offered as a British citizen living and working in the UK is very different to what’s available to you if you’re based overseas.

Non-UK citizens looking for finance for a sterling mortgage can face similar issues.

The more rigorous requirements relating to your place of residence or visa status, evidence of your income, the currency you’re paid in, and exchange rates for foreign currency transfers, mean that there are fewer lenders in this area of the market. As a result, lending deals can be stricter.

We have established relationships with specialist lenders and private banks who will consider buyers from outside the UK much more favourably.

And we can guide you through the documentation and application process to get funds available to you in a matter of weeks.

Are you a British expat living and working overseas, buying in the UK?

What are the additional hurdles to be overcome, and how we can help you… read our blogs:

British expat? Yes, we can get you a UK mortgage

UK expat mortgage checklist – what documents do I need?

Where our expat clients are based:

Abu Dhabi



Hong Kong






South Africa




Don’t accept a UK mortgage offer on expatriate terms if there’s a chance you might qualify for more favourable domestic lending rates. We can advise you on the special tax status for British citizen international seafarers:

Yacht crew mortgage: how to get finance for a UK property


If you're a high-earning UK citizen, non-domiciled in the UK for tax reasons and with a complex income structure, or you use an offshore ownership vehicle for your property holdings, we can set up the finance in the structure that suits you:

UK property owned by an offshore company: we’ll find the mortgage finance you need


We work with private banks and specialist lenders who will be very willing to provide the lending you need:

How to get a residential mortgage on a UK property if you are an expat or foreign national

US citizens buying in London


And if you’re a British citizen or a foreign national looking to invest in high-value property in the French Alps, on the Costa del Sol, or the Cote d'Azur we can put together the finance you need:

Property development finance for the French Alps

Looking for property finance on the Cote d'Azur? How to access mortgage and short-term development funding

To set up an immediate, detailed discussion of the finance you’re looking for:

Call us on +44 203 900 4322 to discuss your requirements.
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