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Fast Bridging Loans

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We specialise in raising fast bridging loans on residential and commercial property transactions in the UK

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We are experts in arranging low-cost, fast bridging loans.

Fast bridging loan service:

  • Urgent bridging loans from £50,000 to £25m
  • Market leading rates from 0.43% pm
  • Same day terms
  • Funds available as quickly as 72 hours
  • Fast and efficient automated or drive-by valuations (on a case-by-case basis)
  • Joint legal representation options - meaning just one solicitor acting for the lender & client (saving time & money)
  • Lower rates for £1 million+ bridge loans
  • Terms from 3 months to 3 years
  • LTVs up to 80% (can be more if you have other assets in the background)
  • Interest roll-up options
  • Fast ridging refinance options
  • Fast Residential bridging loans for residential purchase and buy to let
  • Business bridging finance for purchasing a commercial property, land, paying for a deposit for a new purchase, business growth, paying an HMRC bill
  • Light refurbishment finance (currently uninhabitable, under permitted development rules, requires internal refurbishment)
  • Heavy refurbishment finance (extensions, basement digs, loft conversions, commercial to residential, barn conversions)
  • We provide a fast, friendly, professional service to help you get the money you need at the best available rates

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Example fast bridging loan rates we've recently secured:


Buying Before Selling?

Rates from:

0.55% pm


Releasing Funds From Your Home

Short-Term Lease Finance

Auction Purchase

As at 21st May 2024

Development & Refurb

Fast Finance

Rates from:

0.55% pm

Light & Heavy Refurb

Finance For Unmortgageable Properties

Land Purchase with planning

As at 21st May 2024


Large Bridging Loans

Rates from:

0.55% pm

Up to 80% LTV

Minimum Loan £500k

Minimum net income £100k

As at 21st May 2024

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Fast Bridging Loans

Written bySam O'Neill & Sam Hodgson

features of our Urgent bridging loans service:

To investigate your bridging loan options call us on 0117 959 5094

For residential purchase, we can provide bridging loan options and then provide mortgage solutions once the bridging loan is no longer required. 

At Clifton Private Finance, we can help you find the best bridge loan available and one suited to your own circumstances – especially at short notice. We help by:

What are the advantages of a fast bridge loan?

When speed is a necessity, bridge loans can often facilitate a myriad of transactions – especially property transactions for larger sums, when you may have funds tied up elsewhere or are stuck in between purchasing a new property and selling your existing one.

The obvious benefit is speed, and we can secure you short term financing, (depending on the amount required) within a week to two weeks – as most bridge loans last a term of 12-36 months.

If you need a bridge loan urgently, then the flexibility of our service will allow you to get a successful application through to lenders – and you’ll be able to sort through all your available options and scope out the best possible deal when time is of the essence.

Why is a bridging loan broker useful?

By applying for finance through a broker, you gain access to more options and can save a lot of time.

Here’s what an experienced broker can do for you when it comes to applying:

While there is an additional cost, this is offset by the speed in which a bridge loan can be organized and delivered through a broker – and it is essential, especially for the inexperienced, when preventing mistakes that can occur in a time-sensitive matter when you’re in need of a quick solution.

Should I go to a lender directly?

While nothing stops you from approaching lenders directly – it can prove more of a hindrance than a benefit.  

If you're inexperienced in bridging loans and you are simply looking for a quick solution, then applying for finance through a broker is often the more popular choice.

It can often be difficult to recognise whether a lender best suits your circumstances – since bridge loan lenders often deal in bespoke products with specialisations in different areas.

With our services, we can find the right lender without you going through the hassle. We can determine exactly what type of loan you’ll need, and we can organize finance a lot quicker due to our connections and established relationships with lenders. The speed at which a bridge loan can be secured is down to the efficiency of working through expert bridge loan brokers.

How much can I borrow?

With bridge finance, there aren’t many upper limits – yet, the loan available to you will ultimately be determined by a number of factors and criteria.

The bigger the security, the more you may be able to borrow.

A lender will calculate your borrowing power using your loan-to-value (LTV), calculated by dividing your loan amount by your securities value – this will determine exactly how much you’ll get.

Here are some of the key factors which will determine the amount you can borrow:

Offering multiple properties as security will increase the upper limit of your borrowing potential through a higher LTV percentage.

The value of the assets you plan to offer as security must be sufficient to cover the loan - taking into account interest payments or additional fees.

It is always important to remember your exit strategy, which will typically be the property your loan is secured against – it is helpful to have a solid, calculated plan before applying and to consider carefully how long the loan will last.

How do I apply for an urgent bridging loan?

Bridge loans can always be organized relatively quickly, so the application process will not differ regardless of how quickly you need the funds.

However, with a bridging specialist’s help, you can be pointed in the right direction based on your needs.

What you will need is this:

With bridging loans typically being secured with property, most lenders will not need proof of income – bridge loans are repaid at the end of the term, alongside interest payments. Hence, a borrower’s income is not usually a roadblock in terms of having a successful application. They are mostly concerned with the worth of the collateral.

A borrower’s credit history will also be unlikely to affect an application; however, it is always advisable to be in good standing – and not have adverse credit or outstanding debts that could get in the way of repayment.

Urgently need a bridge loan?

In a time-sensitive situation, bridge loans offer both speed and flexibility -and with our help, you can find the best possible deal and have the whole process streamlined through our access to a variety of specialist lenders.

What we can offer:

How we can help:

At Clifton Private Finance, our bridge loan experts will help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of those looking into short term finance.

We will be able to answer any questions you have, so get in contact with our team at Clifton Private Finance to book a consultation and start viewing all your available options and the best deals through our broker service.

Bridging loans can be used for:

To investigate your bridging loan options call us on 0117 959 5094

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